Lecture: MetaMapLite in Excel: Biomedical Named-Entity Recognition for Non-technical Users by Dr. Ravi Teja Bhupatiraju on 6/27/2017

MetaMapLite in Excel: Biomedical Named-Entity Recognition for Non-technical Users

Brown Bag Lecture by Dr. Ravi Teja Bhupatiraju | 6/27/2017 11AM – 12PM | 7th Floor Conference Room, Bldg 38A

Abstract: In the past, Named Entity Recognition (NER) was an expert task performed by computer scientists. However, in recent years, the application of NER has become more pervasive. Biomedical researchers, who may not be computer scientists or have strong technical skills, wish to apply NER methods and tools to help answer research questions. With current tools, performing NER on datasets can be daunting for researchers untrained in computer science. MetaMapLite in Excel is an easy-to-use tool for non-technical biomedical researchers to conveniently conduct NER tasks on biomedical text, in a familiar spreadsheet system. With a simple standalone installer, the system deploys a client-server system that presents a web service that is consumed from an Excel spreadsheet via a macro. The system is highly responsive for interactive use and can be further scripted from both spreadsheet macros and external scripts via REST.

Bio: In May 2016, Dr. Ravi Teja Bhupatiraju joined CSB as a post-doctoral fellow. He obtained his medical degree from Manipal University in India and a PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Oregon Health & Science University, where he did Information Retrieval work and cognitively modeled medication management activities. At CSB, he works with Dr. Kin Wah Fung on a Drug-Drug Interaction Pipeline for the FDA.

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