Lecture: The Potential of Using Whole-Brain Functional Connectivity Pattern as a Biomarker with BOLD fMRI by Oliver Xie on 7/25/2017

The Potential of Using Whole-Brained Functional Connectivity Pattern as a Biomarker with BOLD fMRI

Brown Bag Lecture by Oliver Xie | 7/25/2017 11AM – 12PM | 7th Floor Conference Room, Bldg 38A

In this talk I will start with a brief overview of some fundamentals of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) such as the imaging mechanism, analysis strategies, and applications. Recent studies have shown that the whole-brain functional connectivity (FC) pattern, which sheds some light on the functional architecture of human brains, can help us identify subjects, cognitive states, monitor attention, etc. I will present two current research topics on the potential of using whole-brain FC patterns as biomarkers. The first topic is tracking ongoing cognitive process using windowed FC pattern at the group level, in which I will discuss how to improve the group-level consistency by incorporating FC fingerprints. The second topic is to use windowed FC patterns as a cognitive marker to track task performance, in which I will show the subjects’ engagement level may be encoded in the subtle reconfiguration of FC dynamics.


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