Lecture: Dust Chemicals and Exposure in Montgomery County Schools by Alex Sherwin and Farzad Mustafa on 11/7/17

Dust Chemicals and Exposure in Montgomery County Schools

Brown Bag Lecture by Alex Sherwin and Farzad Mustafa | 11/7/2017 11:00AM – 12PM | 7th Floor Conference Room, Bldg 38A


This talk describes a study of compounds present in common environments, specifically, local public schools. As students spend over 1000 hours in school every year, their exposure to potentially harmful compounds and risk of being harmed is quite significant. With this in mind, the goal of the study is to collect and analyze school dust samples using high resolution mass spectrometry to locate the presence of harmful compounds that may be putting students at risk at school.


Alex Sherwin is currently a junior at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland. He loves to travel to different parts of the world to experience their food, culture, and politics, especially in public health and technology.

Farzad Mustafa is an 11th grader at Thomas Wootton High School. He is very passionate about science and music. He enjoys traveling, plays the Tuba, and is a member of his school’s track team. He is also a student board member for the Real Food for Kids Montgomery organization.

The students were mentored by Dr. Pertti Hakkinen (SIS, NLM) and Dr. Mark Strynar (EPA).

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