Indexing of Image Content in Spine X-Rays

Long LR, Thoma GR
Proc. of SPIE Storage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases VIII. 2000 Jan;3972:55-63.


This paper presents work toward indexing the image content in a collection of 17,000 cervical spine and lumbar spine images, for purposes of public dissemination by such systems as the Web-based Medical Information System (WebMIRS). These images were collected as part of a national health survey and to date no radiological or quantitative content has been derived from the images, except for our work, described in this paper. Practical considerations, primarily of labor cost, make the job of deriving radiological interpretations or quantitative anatomical measures by manual methods very difficult. For this reason, the acquisition of content information by automated means, or even by semi-automated means, which require human interaction, but significantly reduce the required labor, are very important. This field is not in an advanced state of development, and the results we present are necessarily work in progress.