Shape Based Retrieval in NHANES II

Tagare HD, Qian X, Fulbright RK, Long RL, Antani SK
Proceedings of the 12th Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia. 2004. 776-779.


NHANES II is a nationally significant medical image database of spine x-ray images located at the U.S. National Library of Medicine. A key feature of spine disease in these images is the presence of osteophytes which are bony processes that alter the shape of vertebrae. Shapes of vertebrae are conveniently described in shape spaces which are non-linear manifolds. Indexing in such non-linear manifolds is an open problem. In this paper, we describe a technique of embedding shape manifolds in Euclidean spaces in a way that allows the use of classical indexing techniques for indexing shape. Application of this to the NHANES II database is also described.