Quickstart Guide

Here are brief instructions for installing and getting started using the BMT. If you install the BMT somewhere other than the default location of "C:\Program Files\Boundary Marking Tool", then substitute the new location where appropriate below.


Using an account with administrator privileges, double-click on the downloaded setup file to install it.

After you end the installation by clicking "Finish", the BMT will launch and present you with a login screen. If for some reason the BMT does not start, simply click on http://localhost:8080/bmt2/launch.jnlp to start it. (If instead of seeing the BMT you are prompted to "Open" or "Save" the file "launch.jnlp", select "Open" and then "OK".)

Getting Started

To log into the BMT, enter username "bmtuser" and password "bmtuser" and press OK. In the next dialog window press OK to select the study "BMT Study". You should now be viewing the main BMT window.

Use the Image Importing Utility program to import JPEG images into the BMT. Start it by either double-clicking on the Image Importing Utility icon on your desktop, or by selecting Boundary Marking Tool->Image Importing Utility from the Start menu. Once it is running, enter an ID to identify a group of images and click "Start Picture Session".

Place your images in directory "C:\Boundary Marking Tool\temp_images". Once they are there, you'll see them displayed in the Image Importing Utility. Individually accept or reject them for importing into the BMT. When you are done importing images, click on "Stop Picture Session".

Make sure that you use JPEG format images and that they end with lowercase ".jpg". To use another image format or file extension, read the next section on how to customize the Image Importing Utility.

To begin using the BMT to evaluate the imported images, click on "New Evaluation" and select the image you want to evaluate. When you are done evaluating an image, select "New Evaluation" to save the evaluation and start a new one.

Once you are finished with an evaluation, you can save it to a PDF file or print it to a printer using the Print functions in the BMT File menu.


To upgrade to a new version of the BMT, simply run the new installer. It will un-install the old version and then install the new version.


To remove this software, simply re-run the original installer (look for a file called bmt_setup.exe in your Downloads directory) and select "Uninstall" when prompted.

Image Importing Utility Customization

To customize the Image Importing Utility, modify desired fields below in the configuration file "C:\Program Files\Boundary Marking Tool\config.ini".
By default, the Image Importing Utility only accepts JPEG images. To have it accept another image format, change this field to match its file extension. This field is case-sensitive.
The Image Importing Utility consumes images placed in this directory. If your images are located elsewhere, change the value of this field accordingly.