Inactive Project: Medline Database on TAP

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The MDoT project stopped developing client software for handheld devices (PDAs/Smart) in 2007. While we no longer provide client application support, we still maintain the server that clients connect to. You are welcome to download our software, but regretfully cannot guarantee that our applications will work properly on your device.
What is MD on TAP?
MD on Tap is an application for PDAs that retrieves MEDLINE® citations directly from the PDA through a wireless connection to the Internet.
Who uses this program?
This program is developed for mobile health care professionals who seek medical information when away from their desktop computers.
What is the goal?
The project goal is to discover and implement design principles to facilitate practitioners’ access to online medical information at the point of service.
Is there a Hardware Requirement?
There are versions of the MD on Tap Client for PDAs and PDA/Cellphones with both Pocket PC and with Palm Operating Systems. The PDA or PDA/Cellphone must have a wireless connection to the Internet.
Note:  MD on Tap is designed for PPCs with a screen resolution of 240W x 320H. Although it will run on the Windows Mobile square-screen smartphones, such as the Treo 700, you will not see the bottom portion of the tabs.
Caveat:  The MD on Tap Intermediate server runs on an R&D http server.

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1. MEDLINE search limits
2. History of previous queries
3. Save citations to a PDA text file
4. Subject clusters
5. Related Articles
6. Link-out to full-text Web sites
7. Evidence Based Medicine clusters
8. Set default number of results
9. Auto reset of user preferences on startup
10. “English + Human” limit
11. Auto Spell Check
12. Select from 3 Search Engines
13. Select “Summary” or “Title” Results
14. Optional PICO Search Tab