Inactive Project: DocMorph

DocMorph is a web site that provides a useful information conversion service to the public while at the same time allowing NLM’s Communications Engineering Branch to investigate new image and information processing algorithms to find those that are fast, reliable and useful for the biomedical library community. It allows users on the Internet to upload via their web browsers scanned image files and other types of information for conversion to alternative formats. Some of the document conversion techniques offered by this server are not readily available elsewhere on the web. After the files are uploaded to DocMorph, the conversion process takes only about fifteen seconds.

DocMorph is especially useful for library patrons and document delivery librarians who use DocView or Ariel software because it provides additional capabilities for files used by those software packages. Users may upload files in up to fifty different formats, and have them converted in four different ways:

  • Conversion to PDF™. This file format is popular because it is highly distributable due to the widespread usage of the Adobe Acrobat Reader™.
  • Conversion to multi-page TIFF.
  • Split the file into single TIFF pages.
  • Extract the text, which is useful for repurposing the file information.

First made public in May 1999, DocMorph now has more than 18,000 registered users. It typically handles 1,000 to 2,000 file conversions daily.

Frank Walker
Girish Lingappa