no photoMichael Bopf, MS
Software Engineer,

Expertise and Research Interests:

Mr. Bopf developed the Web-based Medical Information Retrieval System (WebMIRS), which provides a graphical interface to the NHANES II & III databases of medical survey data and x-ray images. WebMIRS seeks to address a number of critical issues surrounding biomedical data such as use of multimedia, wide-area access, efficient data transmission, and capability to export results to other software applications. He also developed the next generation of WebMIRS, the Multimedia Database Tool (MDT). The MDT provides a layer of abstraction between the application and the medical dataset so that it can handle a wide range of data and images. The initial dataset being used during the development of the MDT is a uterine cervix cancer dataset provided by National Cancer Institute.

Location: 38A / 10S1015E
Phone: (301) 827-4738

Honors and Awards:

Mr. Bopf has received several staff honors over the years. In 2009 he was awarded a Group Award for development of a suite of tools that enable research in cervical cancer, and in 2008 he was a member of the NLM team recognized by Internet2 for developing geography-independent cancer research tools.