Call for Beta Testers

System Requirements

1. Windows XP or Windows Vista

2. Quicktime 7.4 or higher
Get Quicktime here.

3. Flash Player 10
Get Flash Player here

If you have problems running Panorama please contact us.

Please note: Interactivity is only available using Panorama software

Download Options
Complete package
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Panorama Software only
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Interactive Publication only
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Panorama, a visualization and analysis tool for multimedia-rich Interactive Publications

We invite scientists and other interested parties to participate in a beta test of Panorama, developed at the US National Library of Medicine.

Panorama is a visualization and analysis tool that allows easy navigation through a multimedia document. Written in Java, Panorama allows the reader to view the text while exploring numeric or visual data (without losing context) through built-in analytical tools and media viewers.  Panorama currently supports charts, graphs, ROC analysis, Logistic, Linear and Polynomial regression, video subdivided into chapters, multi-slice clinical images in the DICOM format, 3D rendering, and an integrated browser to display animations. 

A major goal of testing is to determine the ease with which a reader may interact with the multimedia objects in such documents in an intuitive way, to exercise control over them, and to reuse the media contents for analysis and presentation.

The Panorama software as well as a prototype interactive publication may be downloaded. The publication, in the style of a journal article, contains paginated text and several media types encountered in the biomedical literature: 3D animations of anatomic structures; graphs, charts and tabular data; cell development images (video sequences); and clinical images such as CT, MRI and ultrasound in the DICOM format.

You can download the entire package or just the viewing software or document separately on the right.       

Download Options

Select the correct download bundle for you from the links on the right.

How to start

  1. Select an appropriate download link from the icons on the right. Choose between (i) Complete Package consisting of the Panorama software and the Interactive Publication in a single download; or (ii) separate downloads for the Panorama software and Interactive Publication.
  2. Save the downloaded file(s) in a folder of your choice.
  3. All files are ZIP compressed. Extract them to a destination folder of your choice. You may use commonly available tools, such as WinZIP (, for extracting files from the ZIP archive.

    Extracting the complete package will result in two folders: A Panorama folder that contains the viewer software, and an 'IP Paper' folder that contains the interactive publication.

    Note: If you chose separate downloads for the Panorama software and Interactive Publication. For purposes of this Beta test and easy access to the interactive data, it is advisable (not required, however) to extract the Interactive Publication in a folder that is easy to remember: Panoramašs main folder.

  4. Using Windows File Explorer navigate to the Panorama folder. Double click on Panorama executable shown with this icon: panorama icon
  5. Once Panorama is loaded, click the open PDF icon open file icon on the top left or Select it from the File menu.
  6. Open the Interactive Publication by selecting the IP Paper folder and double clicking the IP-article-beta.pdf IP Paper folder

For more instructions view the below videos which cover several areas of Panorama.