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Welcome to the Web-based Medical Information Retrieval System. WebMIRS is a graphical Java program providing access to the NHANES II & III databases of medical survey data and x-ray images. If you are new to WebMIRS, please read the Overview page to get more background information.

It's quite easy to install and run WebMIRS. To get up and running, go to our Installation page to register and install WebMIRS.

After you have registered and installed Java Web Start, click this button to start WebMIRS:

Start WebMIRS

A screenshot the WebMIRS application


 •  ISSUE: There have been problems using WebMIRS over slow connections. We hope to transition to a new architecture in the future, but as of now there is no work-around for this. (Feb. 2015)

 •  Small update: (May 2008) A small data update has been made to the Vertebral Measurements table. See Versions Page.

 •  Latest version: WebMIRS version 1.1 - March 2006, is the most recent version of the WebMIRS code. See our Versions Page for details.

 •  New Functionality: WebMIRS version 1.1 should be able to work through most firewalls.


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Updated September 02, 2015