Boundary Marking Tool

Boundary Marking Tool (BMT)Overview. The Boundary Marking Tool 2 (BMT2) was developed by the National Library of Medicine in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute. The BMT2 is software that allows the manual marking of boundaries on digitized images and the recording of diagnostic or interpretive data that applies to these individual boundaries, or to the image as a whole. It has been used in multiple studies by NCI of the correlation between visual observations of the cervix and biopsy-based diagnoses. The Boundary Marking Tool has been used in the NCI Biopsy Study, which aims to determine whether taking multiple biopsies at colposcopy will increase the detectability of high-grade cervix disease, and to develop a strategy for taking these biopsies. In 2014 van der Marel [1] recommended that taking multiple biopsies should become standard practice in colposcopy, following the study of data collected, using the BMT, for 610 patients in the Netherlands and Spain.