CEB Histology Image Assistant 

CEB Histology Image Assistant (CHIA)

The CEB Histology Image Assistant (CHIA) provides Web access to digitized histology images for expert review and evaluation. Since these images tend to be extremely large, CHIA uses technology to access and display only the part of the image that corresponds to the user’s current zoom and pan level. CHIA has been used by the National Cancer Institute in studies of the uterine cervix [1] and in lung histology, and by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for diagnostic annotation of uterine cervix images.

[1] Butsch Kovacic M, Katki HA, Kreimer AR, Sherman ME. Epidemiologic analysis of histologic cervical inflammation: relationship to human papillomavirus infections. Human Pathology (2008), 39, 1088-1095.