Teaching Tool

Sample exam screen in the Teaching Tool

Teaching tool screenshot

Since May 2010, the Teaching Tool (TT) has provided continuous support for medical residents and colposcopy practitioners to take two online exams to evaluate proficiency of screening and management techniques for abnormalities of the uterine cervix, and related conditions. In this role the Teaching Tool is used by the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) as the ASCCP Online Exams System. As of January 2016, the Teaching Tool has given over 2900 online exams, with about 2500 of these being for medical residents in Ob/Gyn or Family Practice programs in over 130 academic or clinical institutions; the remaining, approximately 400 exams have been given to medical practitioners already active in the field of colposcopy. The Teaching Tool uses uterine cervix images from the National Cancer Institute’s ALTS project, and its development was a collaborative effort among the National Library of Medicine, the National Cancer Institute, and the ASCCP.