NLM People Locator for disasters

Please note: This project is currently inactive. See for open source versions of the project software.

NLM PEOPLE LOCATOR is a Web system that enables family, friends and neighbors to locate or report missing people during a disaster event. It uses a “Disaster Patient Data Exchange” database containing data from the IT systems of local hospitals and additional input is expected from triage area cell phones and social networks.

In a disaster, this system can facilitate family reunification, help provide reassurance, enhance coordination with disaster-responding NGOs, and alleviate some of the workload on public-health personnel and other responders who interact with the community. Those looking for friends or family members can search the PF database and retrieve the information in formats designed for multiple devices. In addition, the system can display pictures and other information on missing persons on large monitors placed at key public locations.

This project is one of several LHNCBC has undertaken to address emergency conditions in the event of a disaster. Along with the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center, the National Naval Medical Center, and Suburban Hospital, LHNCBC and NLM are participants in the Bethesda Hospital Emergency Preparedness Partnership (BHEPP), under whose auspices these projects are conducted.