Inactive Project: MyMorph

MyMorph Screenshot

MyMorph Screenshot

NLM MyMorph is a publicly available free, secure and anonymous service that allows users to convert images from any of five different input formats (Single TIF, Multipage TIF’s, PDF, JPG, BMP) to the following four formats:

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Multi-page Tagged Image File Format (TIF)
  • Single-page TIF
  • Single images from one format to another image. (For example: BMP to JPG, JPG to BMP, JPG to TIF)

It supports batch processing that allows for mass migration of files to a desired target format. It is designed for use by libraries and other organizations for their document format conversion needs.

The following input file types are most often uploaded by users for conversion TIFF, TIF, Multi-page TIFF’s, PDF, JPEG, JPG, BMP, and PNG. Each file of these types can be converted to any of TIF, PDF, JPEG, JPG, BMP or PNG. Please note that Multipage file types cannot be converted to a single page file format. For e.g. a 10 page PDF cannot be converted to a PNG, however conversion to a multipage format such as Multi-page TIFF is supported.

The latest release build of this conversion service can be downloaded and installed on any Windows 7 SP1 and higher system. It does not require any user registration and installs in less than 30 seconds on most broadband connections. It is self-updating and requires no further re-installs on the end users system over time, rest assured you are always running the latest release build of the system.