Installation Steps

STEP 1 – Register

The first thing you must do to use or try out WebMIRS is to register with us. Fill out the registration form by clicking on the Register link and we will send you a login name and password.

STEP 2 – Get the Java JRE (if not already installed)

WebMIRS requires version 1.4 or higher of the Java Runtime Environment. Select the Java JRE link to go to Sun Microsystems to download it. Once there, follow the instructions for downloading and installation.
You can also check what version of Java you have installed (if any) by going to the Sun Java Verification page.

STEP 3 – Install and Run WebMIRS

Clicking on the above link will cause WebMIRS to be installed using Java Web Start. The first time you run you will need to grant permission for it to be installed.